Clik Tile System is the most superior tile levelling and spacing system on the market. This innovative Australian made product will ensure that your tiles are perfectly flat with even grout lines, every time. There are no tools needed and it's user-friendly on the hands. This system consists of part A, tile clip and part B, wedge. They are perfectly designed to be used seamlessly together.
  • Innovative 45-degree angle blades push tile adhesive away from the clipkeeping tile joint glue-free
  • Guaranteed to snap cleanly every time at breakpoint under the tile line ever time.
  • Glue stop bar prevents glue from coming up tile joint
  • Ergonomically designed wedge means no tools are required and is user-friendly on hands
  • Strong acetal plastic for quality and strength

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1 |   Spread tile adhesive on the floor and/or walls/or back of tiles.

2 |   Place Clip approximately 100-150mm from the tile corner. For an even better finish, additional clips can be placed in the middle of the tile or where the four tiles meet.

3|    After the clips have been placed you can then drive the wedge home through the openings using your thumb/finger. For that extra drive, you can use your palm.

4 |   Once the tile adhesive is set the clip system is ready to be removed and ready for grouting.

5 |   By kicking with the foot or a rubber mallet, hit the clip on the side and always in the same direction of the grout lines.



1000 PACK 

300mm X 300mm 26m2
400mm X 400mm 40m2
500mm X 500mm 64m2
600mm X 600mm 90m2
600mm X 300mm 34m2
800mm X 800mm 110m2
1000mm X 1000mm 120m2
1200mm X 600mm 126m2

Below is a link on how to  use the Clik tile system

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